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Reds (by Mayu Choi)
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Just like other crimes against women, nude photo scandals are not about sex, they are about power. If they were about sex, men would be threatened with them more frequently. Is it because men’s phones and computers don’t get hacked? Of course not.

It’s because dangling a picture of a naked man’s body over his head would not have the same commanding effect. The driving ideology is that while he has nothing to be ashamed for, a woman does. We also don’t inherently devalue men’s bodies the same way we do women’s. We still view a woman’s body or sexuality as something that she needs to control or hide. Our society gives power to nude photos of women because we inherently view women’s bodies as degrading.

Stealing and exposing photos of someone’s naked body is a form of sexual assault. And it won’t stop with women being paranoid about cameras. Just like we won’t stop sexual assault by telling women not to go outside, we won’t stop nude photos from being leaked by making women fear the existence of their own bodies.

Nude photos won’t go away. But we may be able to limit their power over use once women stop believing that their bodies can be used to punish them. Behind every successful woman, there’s a naked body, and that shouldn’t be something that women should have to fear.
written by Elizabeth Plank, The problem with nude photos isn’t women, but the men who obsess over them  (via unmaiden)

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(by fabio.iacomino)

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Martina Miholic, Am I? (I am, Something Drives Me), 2011
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From Le Cam Romain.
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Louise Bourgeois, To Unravel a Torment You Must Begin Somewhere, no. 8 of 9, from the series What is the Shape of this Problem?, 1999
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George Pay.
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April Bounces by Devonté Hynes

(this is so beautiful and dreamy and the rest of the score is so good aswell. dev hynes can do no wrong)

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